You Are Your First Responder

“Neither the Constitution, nor state law, impose a general duty upon police officers or other governmental officials to protect individual persons from harm — even when […]

MDFI 2020 Season and the Bug (COVID-19)

The Brian Terry Foundation & Trek’s Trek: Honoring a Hero Gunned Down by the Cartel

Article Published by on November 1, 2019
Matter of Facts Podcast

MOF Podcast: Off Grid Living w/ Trek

Original Air Date: 1/31/2020 Phil, Andrew, and Trek from MDFI sit down for a chat about off grid living and home defense…except Trek’s home is mobile. […]

How-To Use Alumni Central

A quick reference guide on how to use the features provided to Alumni in your Alumni Central account.
Matter of Facts Podcast

Matter of Facts Podcast #2 – Responsible Armed Citizen

Guns, prepping, survival. In a dangerous world, being prepared isn’t paranoia, it’s a way of life. Original Air Date: August 23, 2019 | Responsible Armed Citizen […]
Matter of Facts Podcast

Matter of Facts Podcast w/ Trek

Guns, prepping, survival. In a dangerous world, being prepared isn’t paranoia, it’s a way of life. Original Air Date: July 16, 2019 | Andrew Sits Down […]
MDFI Private Training

Private Training Now Available

We know that sometimes your schedule doesn't allow you to be at our schedule classes, or maybe you're looking for a personally customized training regiment with […]

Please Take A Medical Class

In all of our Core and Foundation firearms classes we tell our students, “before you join us for another firearms class, please take a medical class […]

3 Rules About Your Carry Gun

Lets be honest about self defense hand-blasters… THE MOST COMMON CARRY TYPES IN THE US? Compact semi-auto “mouseguns” Small-frame revolvers (J-frame, 5-shot type) THE LEAST LIKELY […]

RDO Handgun Zero Targets

We would like to introduce the MDFI RDO Handgun Zero Targets. These targets are the work of MDFI Instructor Thomas who wanted a way to make […]

The Firearm Guy: Foundation Handgun w/ Trek

Originally Posted: May 7, 2016  

Everyday Carry Options Podcast w/ Trek

EPISODE 9: So You Got A Gun with Trek from MDFI Streamed live on Jan 19, 2018

Functional Gentlemen: Interview with Trek from MDFI

Originally aired February 8, 2018 View on YouTube >>  

Gunfighter Cast w/ Erik Utrecht: How to Take a Class and What to Expect

Originally aired January 31, 2017 In episode GC-124, Gunfighter Cast speaks with Erik Utrecht from Michigan Defensive Firearms Institute about what a student should expect when […]

Cam & Co Interview: Trek’s Trek for the Brian Terry Foundation

Originally aired on NRA News Cam & Co 9/09/14. Erik “Trek” Utrecht is the owner and instructor for the Michigan Defensive Firearms Institute. He is also the […]

Podcast: Civilian Carry Radio

Civilian Carry Radio – brought to you by the Firearms Radio Network About Civilian Carry Radio: Our goal and the focus of this podcast is to […]

MDFI Will Not Be Training At Caledonia Sportsman’s Club in 2019

Good day everyone. Since releasing our 2019 season, we have been inundated with emails and calls asking when our Grand Rapids classes at Caledonia Sportsman Club […]

Podcast: The Home Defense Show

EPISODE 99 – ALL ABOUT MICHIGAN GUN OWNERS, FORCE ON FORCE & TACTICAL HANDGUN TRAINING This week on the Home Defense Show, Skip speaks with “Trek” […]

Podcast: Ballistic Radio (It’s Not Me, It’s You)

IT’S NOT ME, IT’S YOU (PODCAST – SEASON 6, BALLISTIC RADIO EPISODE 272, SEPTEMBER 16TH, 2018) “If you are known as a menace to your neighborhood […]

I’m All For the 2nd Amendment, But….

On June 20, 2018, Trek was asked to speak at the 2nd Amendment March at the Michigan Capitol. His speech was titled, “I’m All For the […]
Politicians Pens

Trading Rights for Ignorant Bliss…

For all responsibly-armed Michiganders out there: There has been a lot of chatter recently about “enhanced CPLs” (SB 584) where law-abiding citizens of the Big Mitten […]

Get Off The Couch and Exercise Your Use of Force (aka Why Did Little Tiffany Deserve A Bullet?)

So recently in the big Mitten there has been a news story and surveillance camera footage going around that shows what looks like a scenario in […]

JPX Pepper Gun: Mmm… Spicy

Check out the latest article written by Trek in Recoil Concealment: Issue 4 << See a preview on Recoil Web >>

“It’s Not the Gun!” | A Focus On Fundamentals Sharpens Shooting Skills

The latest print issue of Concealed Carry Magazine (November/December 2016 Volume 13 Issue 8) featuring an article on the MDFI trademark class: You Suck! It’s Not the Gun!®.
ghost guns

Ghost Guns and Politicians Who Love Them…

If the upcoming election and those in the running to clench the presidency of this nation has taught us anything, it is that politics and those […]

“Cluelessness, Cowardice, and Complicity”

– “At a recent town hall I held, several people said they wanted to explore smart gun technology to reduce accidents…Others mentioned liability reform to make […]

A Sheep in “Journalist’s” Clothing

A few nights ago in my hometown of Kalamazoo Michigan, six people were murdered in cold blood and another two critically injured in a string of […]

Gun Free Policy: aka “Rights v. Paycheck”

The Employee Handbook. Corporate Policy. Standard Operating Procedures. I would bet that most of us have worked in a business where we have experienced one, some, […]

Advice for Astronauts (And Other Advice Worth Keeping to Oneself)

Surprise! Facebook has decreed that it will no longer allow the sale of privately owned firearms on its site. In a move that surprised no one, […]