MDFI Foundation Shotgun


MDFI Foundation Shotgun

1-Day Class | 9am – 7pm
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(this course is certified through MDFI and counts for Law Enforcement training credit)


Valid CPL or Law Enforcement Credentials (if you do not have either, email us for instructions).

Must have working operational knowledge of the firearm you bring to class (i.e know how to load/unload safely).



Class Flow: MODERATE (students can expect full day of shooting and weapon manipulation from a static line).

There is no other defensive firearm as versatile as the Shotgun. Foundation Shotgun is designed to stress the importance of proper weapon manipulation and shooting techniques. The goal of this MDFI Foundation class is to build a strong and efficient foundation regarding the proper use and manipulation of the Shotgun as a defensive tool. Without a strong foundation, any additional training is wasted time. This class will prepare students for our “Advanced” level classes and is a mandatory prerequisite to move on with the MDFI curriculum.

This class is for students who understand the fundamentals of marksmanship, live by the four rules of responsible firearms handling, and are looking to learn to use the shotgun as a defensive tool.


  • In-depth Firearms Responsibility (safety) and Medical Briefing
  • Inspection and Inventory
  • Carry, Presentations, and Shooting Techniques
  • Recoil Mitigation
  • The Threat Engagement Process
  • Shotgun Manipulation
  • Ammunition Management
  • Patterning a Shotgun for Defense
  • Shotgun Ammunition Types/Uses
  • MDFI Foundation Shotgun Qualifier



  • Pump or Semi-Auto Shotgun – bring it as you have it setup for defense
  • 300 Rounds of Birdshot (lead shot ONLY)
  • 10 Rounds of Buckshot (of the same load)
  • Body-Worn Pouch to Hold Spare Ammunition
  • Eye + Ear Protection
  • You must bring your CPL (or LE credentials) to class.


  • Appropriate Clothing for Weather
  • Sunscreen / Insect Repellent
  • Folding Canopy, Table and/or Chair
  • Snacks + Drink for 8 Hours of Training



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 5 reviews
 by Brian on Class: Foundation Shotgun

Outstanding class. Due to how easy it is to be familiar with a handgun and think you’re familiar with your shotgun, this class is far and away the most enlightening of the foundation level courses. As many have said, if it’s even possible you could ever use a shotgun in a defensive situation, this is where you will discover you don’t know was much as you think you know. I enjoyed it the first time and even more the second time I took it. The “tools” learned about this platform in this course are a game changer. It’s a day of enlightenment with your blaster. Get on it!!

Excellent class I enjoyed and learned from it. The syllabuss outstanding. Classic take a big subject put it in small pieces present orally tactically visually. Throw in humor relevant stories and give a lot of energy away. Trek has talent as an instructor. Shane was understated and concise with helpful comments. Obviously I recommend this class.

What an eye-opening class! It was a very positive, but unexpected experience.

Shotguns, being so commonly owned and used for sporting, often seem like a simple machine, but they're quite unique as a self-defense tool. The manipulations are so unfamiliar to folks familiar with analogous handgun training.

After learning emergency reloads, I was so frustrated with myself, I was considering setting the gun down and just watching for the rest of the day because I felt unsure of myself, but as I evaluated my situation I realized I was still in control but I was letting my frustration get to me. I decided to change my perspective and continue participating. I heard Trek yell, "Own the gun, don't let it own you." Repeating that to myself (plus a smattering of "embrace the suck") helped me muster the gumption to participate in Rolling Thunder and let me just say, Totally Worth It! After that, I was loving the day.

Don't get me wrong, the class was super fun, even in the cold and rain. Also, I probably learned as much about managing my mindset as I did about running a gauge. I have a feeling that's going to be very handy with my upcoming training courses with MDFI next year. Big thanks to Trek and the cadre! They're all top-notch, truly excellent teachers.

Foundation Shotgun 👍🏻 This class was just plain fun for me. You MUST take This class are going to have a shotgun leaning against the wall for home defense. Yes, YOU HAVE TO AIM A SHOTGUN. And you need to know how YOURS works.

I never considered it, just figured I'd use my carry weapon. So I solely purchased an 870 clone just for the class thinking I'd use it once.

YSINTG was my favorite, now it's 2nd Place.

If you're afraid of the 12ga recoil, use a 20. Still worried? Don't be. My shoulder doesn't even know I shot a couple hundred 12ga rounds. And some were 3" 00 buck high brass with 15 pellets. They BARKED, but didn't hurt with the knowledge I gained today. There was a young lady in my class, and she was having no problems managing recoil after instruction.

Just take it!

 by Joshua on Class: Foundation Shotgun

Awesome class today Foundation Shotgun. Excellent instructor..Hands down the best training session I have taken.