Staff Instructor + Owner

Trek spent nearly a decade with the United States Air Force as a decorated Military Police Officer and Instructor. While on active duty with the USAF, he deployed in support of OPERATIONS: ENDURING FREEDOM, IRAQI FREEDOM, and SOUTHERN WATCH. As a formally-trained educator and graduate of the USAF Air University College for Enlisted Professional Military Education; He has over 16,000 hours of instruction between his Military and Civilian duties and holds a national Occupational Instructor certification degrees in Criminal Justice and Instruction of Military Science and Technology as a result.  Trek is a licensed and bonded Professional Investigator in the state of Michigan, a distinguished graduate of the Federal Criminal Investigator Training Program, and is the founder of the Northern Woods Training Facility. When not teaching, Trek writes for publications such as RECOIL, Breach Bang Clear, and Monderno, discusses training and 2A issues on podcasts such as Practically Tactical, This Week in Guns, Civilian Carry Radio, Matter Of Facts Podcast, and is also a proud supporter and member of the Board of Directors for the Brian Terry Foundation. Needless to say, Trek has no free time much to the chagrin of his beautiful better half.

Admin / Marketing + Owner

Allison has been involved in the firearms industry since 2012 between shooting and training as a hobby as well as a previous marketing job at Trijicon, Inc. With her bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, you can typically find her behind the computer in all things MDFI. She is the person behind the official MDFI email account and provides all of MDFI’s marketing materials, manages the website, and tackles all admin duties. Allison also spends a good portion of her time fixing Trek’s Microsoft Paint advertising attempts.

MDFI Cadre Tim

Lead Instructor

Tim has been involved with firearms for more than 10 years that started as a hobby and eventually turned into a way of life. Tim developed his passion for instructing during his time as a Non-Commissioned Officer in the US Army Infantry where he saw a void in practical firearms training. On top of his time in military service, he has worked in the private security sector doing a myriad of duties. Tim is devoted husband and German Shepard wrangler, a spontaneous and slightly off-pitch singer, and an active participant in several shooting sports, such as IDPA, USPSA, and 3-Gun.

MDFI Cadre Brandon

Lead Instructor

Brandon is a man with not much free time on his hands but he always has time for teaching. As a U.S. Army combat veteran with over 12 years of combined Active/Guard service under his belt, Brandon was well versed in building trained Soldiers as Squad Leader and Firearms Instructor for his company. Now back in the civilian side of things, he helps his family run Long Range Archery and Firearms of Holland MI, and is an avid hunter, shooter, and outdoorsman. Brandon can often be found providing incredible backup vocals for his good friend Tim when not cutting loose on the dance floor.


After spending 4 years in the Marine Corps as an Infantry Rifleman, Shane returned to his home state of Michigan. After earning his degree in Criminal Justice, he attended the Wayne County Regional Police Academy where he graduated as class Captain. Since then he has achieved certifications as MCOLES firearms instructor, Krav Maga instructor, Taser instructor, UTM Force on Force Instructor, Certified Glock Armorer, VCQB instructor, and “making long lists of certifications” Instructor. Shane currently works as a federal law enforcement officer in the Big Mitten. When not on the line with MDFI, Shane also offers free classes on how to look intense. 


Grant’s career in law enforcement and corporate security spans nearly a decade in a variety of roles to include Auxiliary Police Officer, Field Training Supervisor, 911 Supervisor, Firearms Instructor, Use of Force instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Training Coordinator, Dignitary protection and Agricultural security. Always being a student of the martial path and a dedicated educator, Grant currently enjoys a more peaceful life in sales and reveling in his shared title of 2006 Time Magazine person of the year (Its real look it up). 


A long-time veteran of service to his country and community, Kevin spent more than 7 years with the Michigan ARMY National Guard as a Commissioned officer who split his time as a Military Police Offer and Instructor at the Officer Candidate School. Kevin is a sworn and active Law Enforcement officer in Southwest Michigan and he is also the current Commander for his regional Tactical Team. He is a K9 handler, Firearms/Use of Force/Defensive Tactics Instructor, and he also logs and maintains a comprehensive list of reasons on why you don’t actually want a Belgian Malinois after getting a Belgian Malinois. 


Derek has been involved in the world of defensive firearms training for over 6 years and has been an avid sportsman and firearms enthusiast almost his whole life. He started his teaching path as an Assistant Instructor with Steadfast Applications, LLC. On top of his instructor training, Derek continues to train with numerous regional and national instructors to broaden his skills with the mindset that all responsible gun owners should be an asset to not only themselves and their families, but to society as a whole. And as a bonus, if you ever find yourself in need of “more cowbell”, Derek is your man.

Assistant Instructor

From an early age, Jamie has been an avid shooting enthusiast and instructor. From hunting to defensive pistol competition, he has embarked on a lifelong path to not only better himself but to help anyone he can along the way to become more proficient, safe, and competent with their firearms. His belief is, that if you are going to be a “vigilant civilian”, you should have the responsibility to train and to never stop progressing. His dedication to being a professional educator combined with his new-age dance moves makes him a perfect fit on the MDFI team.

Assistant Instructor

Sean became obsessed with guns, gear, and gadgets at early age and quickly developed a passion to become as skilled as possible as a shooter.  Since then, he has been heavily involved in defensive training, performance shooting, concealed carry/defensive tactics, and earning a degree in Criminal Justice from Oakland University. When not on the range with MDFI, you can find him at the local bar playing pool or creating new expletives while fixing one of his several vehicles.

Assistant Instructor

Nate began his career in law enforcement in 2014. Since then he has served at a large department in Southeast Michigan in a number of capacities including patrol, gang enforcement, and investigations. If that weren’t enough, he has also serves on his department’s counter-sniper team and is responsible for training his fellow marksmen. In his limited spare time, he enjoys the distress that comes with being a Detroit sports fan.