MDFI You Suck! It's Not the Gun! YSINTG

1-Day Class | 9am – 7pm
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(this course is certified through MDFI and counts for Law Enforcement training credit)


Valid CPL or Law Enforcement Credentials (if you do not have either, email us for instructions).

Must have working operational knowledge of the firearm you bring to class (i.e know how to load/unload safely).



Class Flow: RELAXED (students can expect a slow pace as we focus on the fundamentals of shooting as a team)

YSINTG®  |  You Suck! It’s Not the Gun!® is our core firearms class. Developed after witnessing scores of shooters blaming their pistol sights for missing their intended targets, YSINTG shows how focusing on and practicing the core fundamentals of shooting will greatly improve the marksmanship of any shooter regardless of skill level.

This class takes pistol shooting back to the basics. In an attempt to focus on the defensive use of a handgun, many classes do not focus a great deal of time on the ability to place a bullet precisely where the shooter wants it to go. This class is aimed at fixing that. After this class, most students show drastic improvement in their pistol shooting accuracy.

This is a great class for new shooters or experienced shooters that need to go back and refresh on the fundamentals. “YSINTG” is one of our most popular courses, and it the course most repeated by our students!


  • In-depth Firearms Responsibility (safety) and Medical Briefing
  • Dispelling Shooting Myths
  • Fundamentals of Marksmanship
  • Shooting Techniques



  • Handgun
  • 150 Rounds of Ammunition
    (Note: 9mm ammo is available to purchase after class registration – click here to view program details)
  • 2 Magazines (more if your magazine capacity is 10 or less)
  • Quality Holster & Belt
    Note: Handgun holsters MUST meet the criteria as outlined in the MDFI gear policies and MUST be used IN CONJUNCTION WITH A BELT (see policies). Failure to bring proper gear to class will result in the student not being able to train with their firearm and forfeit tuition.
  • Eye + Ear Protection
  • You must bring your CPL (or LE credentials) to class.


  • Appropriate Clothing for Weather
  • Sunscreen / Insect Repellent
  • Folding Canopy, Table and/or Chair
  • Snacks + Drink for Full Day of Training



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 34 reviews

Great class that will show you how to diagnose your shooting habits and make the necessary adjustments to become a more competent shooter. Classmates ranged from complete novices to those already proficient. Safety was taken extremely seriously throughout the entire day. Highly recommended!

Instructors were AMAZING, the class its self was amazing. So much good knowledge and tips. The way they train us as students is phenomenal. Couldn't say enough good things about this class and all of the life long take aways I got from it.

An amazing class that focuses on the fundamentals of marksmanship. The amount of amazing training you get out of such a low round count is truly astounding. This class is an absolute must for anyone regardless of experience or skill level.

This was my first formal firearms training class, and the title of it was not only attention grabbing, but how I've felt about myself for years! I found out about MDFI through an instagram add, looked them up, and figured I'd give them a try. The "ego free" instruction style perpetrated by Trek and Shane was fantastic, and the level of safety they demand and maintain was VERY comforting! I have to be honest that one of my main worries (throughout the years) with taking a formal training course was that the instructor would turn out to be some hungover, ex-military, "cool guy", with little to no safety expectations and the whole thing would have felt sketchy from start to finish. Let me be very clear and put any prospective students' worries to bed by saying that this is NOT the attitude here, and that was VERY reassuring.

The real reason for me writing this review was not only to speak to any new students doing recon just as I did, but to also tell on myself and be honest about my performance during the class....I sucked, I sucked at the beginning of the class, and I sucked at the end as well, my afternoon performance was (honestly) WORSE than my morning performance prior to any instruction! This is in NO WAY to be an indictment of the instructor(s)! I'm a strange learner, have been all my life, slow and annoyingly "in my head" about stuff. For me, it takes some time to let the dust settle and work through the information, to then go back and apply it after during continued practice. I just got back from the local range, and if I could post a photo to accompany this review, it would show a target shot from the 10 yard line with the center COMPLETELY drilled out!! All the info and instruction came flooding back as I was standing there muttering quotes from the class, and I was grinning like a psycho as I was shooting bulls eyes LOL! Anyway, enough, I'm not trying to write a f***ing book here, I'm just pumped to have gone to practice on my own, 7 days out from the class, and shot better than I ever have before... Much love and respect to the MDFI crew (Trek & Shane), and I will certainly be back for more, count on it!

I think Trek explained it best when we went through class briefing. This isn't an advanced course but its an advanced course. No matter what level you are in terms of marksmanship and shooting ability, you can benefit from taking this course. At a minimum, you will leave the day having action items that you can take with you to nearly any range and help polish your shooting skills. I will more than likely take this course annually to see how my performance improves.

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