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For all responsibly-armed Michiganders out there:
There has been a lot of chatter recently about “enhanced CPLs” (SB 584) where law-abiding citizens of the Big Mitten might receive additional permission from the crown to lawfully bear concealed firearms in some commonly encountered “gun-free zones.” (you know, the places criminals like to prey in because only law abiding folks follow the law)
Recently, Michigan Senator Arlan Meekhof introduced significant changes to the bill without testimony or prior notice that should give all who care about those pesky unalienable rights pause as the committee went right past Ludicrous Speed and into Plaid with their changes (10+ points if you get the reference)
A link to the Bill as it sits can be found below but here is the highlight reel:
1. Prior to the new changes, the Bill would create a “shall issue exemption” to the concealed pistol free zones listed in MCL 28.425o for anyone who takes an additional 8 hours of training, or who is a certified instructor.
Trek Cliff Notes No. 1: (Read like the “Slap-Chop” Guy) “You pay us more money and get more state approved training and we NOW let you cross onto the other sides of imaginary PFZ lines with 3mm of fabric over your gun. We allow this meager citizen, because NOW you are qualified to do so (unlike when we said you were good to do so in the rest of the public arena with your standard CPL) and NOW the people who were scared of the sight of a responsible citizen with a visible gun can rest easy because NOW they cannot see the gun worn by the responsibly armed citizen.”
2. The changes would ban the open carry of firearms in ALL gun free zones listed in MCL 28.425o without being a property owner, private security or WRITTEN permission. Penalties start at a $500 fine and go up to a FELONY.
Universities will be able to create their own rules when it comes to firearms as well, essentially violating the law…..by making it legal with the passing of this law…… (If only we had a governing document that listed all of the protected rights of US Citizens….)
Aaaand it goes further by adding all property owned/controlled by Airport Authority to the list as well.
Trek Cliff Notes No. 2:
  • Gun Covered by 3mm Fabric = OK.
  • Gun visible = Felon.
  • Gun worn in plain view = “Danger Will Robinson. DANGER!”
  • Gun covered by piece of cloth = “Look fellow snowflakes! We got rid of all the guns!”
  • Armed Concealed Carrying Citizen off campus = “Woohoo! I’m legal!”
  • Armed Concealed Carrying Citizen on campus = “Dammit….I’m now a criminal”
  • Armed Concealed Carrying Criminal Wherever = “Who cares?”
3. “Currently, every one of the nearly 620,000 CPL holders in this state, as well as any license holders from other states, can carry in the zones listed in MCL 28.425o, though most of us have to carry openly. Should this legislation pass as is, nearly all of us would lose ANY ability to carry at all in these places until we first go through more training, pay more fees, and once again get permission to exercise our rights, and that’s only for Michigan residents. Those from other states would have no option available to them left. Because of this, we firmly believe that SB 584 would REDUCE the number of people able to defend themselves in these zones, not increase it.” (No. 3 taken verbatim from Michigan Open Carry, Inc)
Trek Cliff Notes No. 3:
Starting to smell what we’re stepping in?
In short, we continuously see those elected as “representatives of the people” who have a duty to serve the whole of the people, while not trampling on the rights of any individual.
When we see proposed or actual legislation that slaps in the face of facts, places fees on the exercising of rights, reduces or removes the rights of any citizen the ability to defend house, home, self, or any innocent life, we must ask ourselves what drives that train?
Gross ignorance or willful intent?
Regardless of the answer, those who would do so are not fit for office and in violation of their charge.
Our proposed legislation?
  • Start holding criminals responsible to the fullest extent of the law. (a.k.a Dont become California)
  • Enforce existing gun laws.
  • Stop penalizing the whole for actions of the few and instead give the people BACK the tools needed to stop evil wherever it may be.
  • Remove the absolute fallacy that is a “Gun Free Zone.” (See: Chicago)
…Im half a pot of coffee in so that’s what I have now but damn its a start.
Responsibility with zero tolerance for those who are a liability.
We highly recommend that folks take a look at the full text of the Senate Bill that can be found here:
And of course, call/email/text/carrier pigeon/smoke signal (of course only if you paid the fee and with proper burn permit) you reps to make your voice heard. (Here is the official Arlan Meekhof on Bookface if you have any follow-up questions) Get out and support groups that have their ears to the ground working to protect our 2A rights like Michigan Open Carry, Inc and Michigan Gun Owners. Get involved now or work on your, “Remember that time when we could….” stories.
Be responsible and rock on.
– Trek

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