Welcome to the Michigan Defensive Firearms Institute!


The goal of MDFI is to offer sound, effective and professional training to create a citizenry that is competent and confident in their chosen defensive disciplines.


We believe that by building a solid defensive foundation, our students will be prepared for the possibility of using force and life-saving tools and skills to get them through bad situations that may arise.


MDFI is proud to offer a fun, safe and ego-free learning environment to all of our students so they get the most out of their time with us.


Holding true to the fact that no situation is the same, MDFI courses are void of the dogma of “Our way or the highway.” We strive to offer our students multiple tips and techniques to get them through any challenge they may face.


Catering to the beginner and the experienced defensive student alike, MDFI staff will work to ensure that all participants walk away with the benefits of professional training, evaluation and feedback..


We look forward to seeing you on the line!


- The MDFI Cadre