The Maglife Podcast (formerly Gunfighter Cast) Episode GC-124

Host: Daniel Shaw
Guest: Erik Utrecht

No matter which role you may fill in a firearms training class, this episode is valuable to students and instructors alike. Today’s guest is Erik Utrecht from Michigan Defensive Firearms Institute and between the two of us, we cover all kinds of issues pertaining to firearms training.

If You Are a Student

Listen up and learn about what you should look for when you’re trying to find the right training for you. Furthermore, take some tips on how to prepare before class and what kind of mindset to bring to the occasion. Also, be aware that you as a student can provide a benefit to the instructor at the same as he/she helps you improve your firearm skills. By applying the principles discussed in this podcast, you’re likely to maximize your firearms training class take-aways.

If You Are a Firearms Training Instructor

This episode covers issues like how to balance mission and responsibility for the people in your care, instruction methods, and the benefits of fluid feedback — both the kind that you give to your students and the kind that your students give to you.

Here’s Gunfighter Cast episode GC-124. Today we’re talking with Erik Utrecht from Michigan Defensive Firearms Institute about what a student should expect when taking any firearms training class, etiquette, the safety perspective and how to get the most out of your class.


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