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Alumni Central is a private group where MDFI Alumni can gather for candid discussion and debate on relevant to MDFI courses, self preservation, current events, etc.

BEFORE YOU POST HERE, YOU MUST READ AND UNDERSTAND THESE GROUP RULES. We reserve the right to boot anyone at anytime for violation of these rules (and note: when you are booted, you loose your Alumni Discount for classes)

1) Post Content – It doesn’t need to be gun related. If you want to poll the group- cool. Please stay on task when responding.

2) Links/Photos – There must be a purpose to benefit the group. Any photo or link without a short justification will be taken down. Please read that last part again. If you post an awesome link but don’t make an intro as to why it was posted and why we should give time to it, it will disappear. Just ask, “Is this appropriate for all here to see?” before posting.

3) General Posts – Make sure they have a point that coincides with the nature of this group. Controversial, “click bait”, political or possibly offensive posts just to 'stir the pot' will be taken down. “Memes” or just filler posts are not authorized. There is the rest of the internet for that. Nobody is saying you are wrong for posting those elsewhere, but please don’t post them here.

For Sale Posts Specifically – They go in the Swag Swap group here on Alumni Central. As long as it is legal to sell and the sale is done legally, it is cool to sell here. There is no formal feedback system here and we should not need it. If you say, "Ill take it," you need to pay the person for it. Don't be that person.

4) Decorum – This is a group of friends. This is a diverse group like any class and that is what makes this group awesome. If you cannot address others here as such, please take it elsewhere. There is nothing in any thread worth stroking out over. If you find something offensive, address it—politely. Whole Person Concept is in effect at all times. Those who insult others will be shown the door. If you want to be a tool, do it over on Bookface so Zuckerburg can read it. This is a round- table and an ego free zone. Advice is welcome, telling someone they are wrong because they do not walk your line is not. Do not act like your belief is the only way.

SPECIFICALLY LANGUAGE – This group is made up of mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, civilians, law enforcement, expert shooters, beginners, military and even minors. Keep the language as if in church. If you want to be vulgar, you have the rest of the internet to post in. If you wonder where your post went, this might be the reason.

5) Spreading the Word – If you have a topic or post that you would like to keep within the Alumni group- no problem. If you think potential MDFI students would benefit from what you have, PLEASE post the topic to the MDFI Public Facebook page or in conjunction with an Alumni post as well.

This group is for MDFI Cadre and MDFI Students ONLY. MDFI Sponsors and affiliates who do not meet those criteria may not be in this group HOWEVER that does not mean that they do not provide a great role for all of us. If you have a question for an MDFI sponsor or affiliate, PLEASE post your query on their public Facebook page OR in any pertinent group they may run. Not only does it let them answer a question directly, but it helps drive traffic to their page.

6) Consequences of Failure – Failure to abide by the rules can result in many things. Most often, your posts go bye-bye. If repeat issues are noticed, you’ll be called out. Further issues will lead to you being booted because you can’t follow pretty simple rules. Sadly, there are people on the ‘banned’ list because they could not be a polite member of society. Nobody got time for that.

7) The Who and the What – Please remember, this is a business page for MDFI and marketing costs money. The entire rest of the internets is yours to do with as you wish. This little spot is ours.

- Any post that might provide free promotion for other commercial entities may be removed at our discretion. If you wish to promote ANY commercial entity on this page you must receive prior authorization.

- If you represent any entity that conducts firearms training on a commercial level in the State of Michigan, you MUST contact MDFI staff for approval before posting anything that self-promotes. (Although such activities will not preclude you from being an MDFI Alumni and the benefits included with that title, you may not be eligible for entry of continued membership in Alumni Central)

- This is a closed group, but it is PUBLIC in that there are hundreds of other members here. If you post something here, it is the very same as screaming it on a street corner.

- Any evidence that a member of this group uses information present here to undermine an Alumni member or MDFI Training, LLC or our business affiliates will result in removal with a public statement to the membership and possible civil action taken.

- We welcome ALL Americans who wish to better themselves. Race, Creed, Color, Sexual Orientation, Sex, and every other descriptor that make people who they are by birthright does not limit a person to being a member of this group. Being a D-bag does. If you are disrespectful to other Alumni, MDFI ownership, cadre, or the company, expect to see the virtual door.

- If you have friends, family or loved ones that you feel would like to be here and could benefit and enjoy classes with MDFI, please direct them to sign up for a class. That's all they need to become an Alumni member!

Thank you for reading the rules. Please enjoy yourself and welcome!

Rock on.