September 21 & 22, 2019
Spectacle Lake Outdoor Club – Albion, MI

The goals of the class is to give students the foundation and context of handgun accuracy, draw stroke, and how to safely move with a firearm.

2 DAY CLASS – $220 (includes range fee)

Instructors: Nick Humphries and Jesse Gullikson (Learn More About Nick & Jesse)

Ammo: 800 Handgun Rounds (code PRACTAC5 saves 5% on ammo at FenixAmmo.Com)


A Comprehensive Safety Plan and Medical Brief

During this two-day foundational class, students will be given the context and a detailed breakdown on:


  • How To Grip The Firearm and The Science Behind It
  • The Role Grip Plays In Recoil Management
  • How Proper Body Mechanics Affect Recoil


  • What Are Aligned Sights
  • How To Shoot Sights Or A Red Dot
  • Application of Sights or Red Dots

Trigger Control

  • Press
  • Reset
  • Getting Intimate With The Trigger

A Ground Up Approach to Building The Foundation of A Defensive Drawstroke:

  • Master Grip
  • Retention
  • Presentation
  • Consistency

Discussion of Fundamentals Of Fighting With A Gun:

  • What determines how fast we can shoot?

Round accountability

Gear Setup For Success:

  • Gun
  • Belt
  • Holster

Shooting From Retention


  • How and Why

Handgun Malfunctions

Understanding Defensive Shooting Is Not On A Square Range:

  • Carry Positions
  • Ready Positions
  • Getting Online
  • Flow Drills

Understanding Shooting Positions:

  • Standing
  • Squatting
  • Kneeling
  • Urban Prone

Understanding Cover and Concealment

One Handed Shooting

Several Times During this Two Day Class, we will be shooting the following qual and recording times/performance:

  • PracTac Qual:
    • 6”x6” Box
    • 7 Yards
    • Shoot 5
    • Reload
    • Shoot 5
  • Various Other Quals and drills will be shot during the Class.


  • Student must have their state of residence Concealed Carry Permit



IF you concealed carry, we advise using that gear in class!

  • A reliable handgun, Your Carry/Duty Firearm Recommended If Applicable
  • 3 Magazines, More The Better.
  • PLEASE ARRIVE TO CLASS WITH MAGAZINES ALREADY LOADED with two magazines with 5 rounds each
  • Quality Holster
  • Hearing Protection (electronic is recommended)
  • Wrap around style eye protection
  • Lunch – LUNCH IS BRIEF - Bring Snack
  • Appropriate clothing for all potential weather conditions



  • Magazine Pouch(s)
  • IFAK & Tourniquet
  • Water/Snacks
  • Notebook and Pen
  • Portable Chairs
  • Popup Tent
  • Cooler
  • Gun Cleaning Supplies
  • Spare handgun with Magazines (if applicable)