Centrifuge Training

MDFI is excited to be the exclusive hosts of all Michigan-based Centrifuge Training open enrollment classes where MDFI Alumni and other qualified students can continue their education with Will Petty and his cadre.

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The centrifuge is a simple yet effective machine. It can be found in laboratories rotating at high speed utilized as a process of discovery, isolating and refining its contents. It is this same systematic, data-driven approach Centrifuge, LLC utilizes in delivering pragmatic solutions to the modern problem solver.


Class Cost: $550
2-Day Open Enrollment
Additional $20/day range fee collected on Day 1

Vehicle CQB is an accelerated shooting class focused on positional shooting and a critical look at how we have historically fought in and around vehicles.  Students will push the boundaries of “traditional” cover and concealment utilizing various cars and trucks in a true 3D environment. Drills will incorporate critical weapon employment while engaging threats in, around, from, over and under vehicles with a heavy emphasis on problem solving. Live ballistic demos with a variety of ammunition will be conducted as the class explores ballistic deflection, deformation, penetration and terminal effect in direct correlation to various vehicle mediums. Both days of this course will be long days, so come prepared.
For Full Course Descriptions and Requirements see link under Available Classes.


  • MDFI Foundation Handgun
  • MDFI Handgun Cover and Movement
  • MDFI Low Light Handgun


Registration for these classes are through Centrifuge Training.

October 8 + 9, 2018

Grand Rapids, MI

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