MDFI Handgun Cover & Movement


1-Day Class | 9am – 7pm
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(this course is certified through MDFI and counts for Law Enforcement training credit)



MDFI Foundation Handgun or equivalent (email us for approval if a non-MDFI class)

Valid CPL or Law Enforcement Credentials (if you do not have either, email us for instructions).

Must have working operational knowledge of the firearm you bring to class (i.e know how to load/unload safely).



Class Flow: INTENSE (students can expect a full day of movement and physicality when attending this class)

It would be great if we could always have sure-footing underneath us at all times when we need to make the perfect shot. It would be great if bad guys stood out in the open with Nerf-guns as their only weapons. Real-life isn’t so easy and for that reason, we need to use our environment to our advantage. This class will prepare students to use make the most of movement and cover while achieving needed hits on target.

Handgun Cover + Movement is designed for the shooter who is confident and competent with shooting fundamentals AND weapon manipulation of their handgun. This class is for the intermediate to experienced shooter who understands and applies the four rules of responsible firearms handling as a way of life. This class is physically stressful and will test those who attend.


  • In-depth Firearms Responsibility (safety) and Medical Briefing
  • Alternative Position Techniques
  • Shooting on the Move
  • Movement to Cover
  • Cover / Concealment Discussion
  • Use of Cover
  • Movement Around Others



  • Handgun – we highly recommend you train with your carry handgun
  • 300 – 400 Rounds of Ammunition
    (Note: 9mm ammo is available to purchase after class registration – click here to view program details)
  • 3 Magazines – you may want more if you magazine capacity is 10 or less
  • Quality Holster (see FAQ for allowed types)
  • Magazine Carrier
  • Eye + Ear Protection
  • You must bring your CPL (or LE credentials) to class.


  • Knee Pads
  • Clothing You Don’t Mind Getting Dirty / Damaged
  • Appropriate Clothing for Weather
  • Sunscreen / Insect Repellent
  • Folding Canopy, Table and/or Chair
  • Snacks + Drink for 8 Hours of Training


This course requires one or more MDFI Foundation Level classes as a pre-requisite therefor registration is only open to MDFI Alumni (when logged into their account). If you are not an Alumni and would like to attend and believe you have the pre-requisites, please email us with a copy of your training certificates to start the registration process.


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 7 reviews

I really enjoyed the content of the class. I think it takes your shooting skills to the next level and gives you information and tools that will be valuable if the worst day ever happens.
The class is strenuous for sure and will take some time to recover from. We had several students remark that this class highlighted the need for fitness in their lives. That is a facet of self defense not covered by most other shooting oriented classes.
I'm looking forward to rolling in the dirt with my gauge as well although I pity the crazies that did the long gun class right after this handgun class. LOL It will absolutely push you.
I think this is one of the classes that I will eventually retake to stay sharp. I am also going to take some of the drills and exercises home to my range and practice them. All good stuff!

 by Leon Pryor on Class: Handgun Cover + Movement

Every time I take an MDFI course I get better in a new and important dimension. This class is no exception.

This class pushed me to embrace accurate shooting moving vertically, changing positions horizontally, and using cover. It's a very physical course that challenges you to maintain your fundamentals even when your body is put into different positions. I was amazed by what I was able to do by the end of this course.

The class is intense, but even with the intensity safety was paramount at all times. MDFI has a phenomenal safety briefing and the instructors do a great job of watching students and stressing safety at all times.

Honestly I am grateful to have this level of instruction available to me in my home state, and this is a course I will definitely take well as the rifle/shotgun variant.

Highly recommended.

So far my favorite class yet even though you'll leave hurting I would and most likely take again. It really puts you and your gear to the test along with everything else you learned from previous classes (hope you kept up on your manipulations). For next time I would do some stretching before the class your body will thank you later for sure.

This class is where you realize that, although we all love cool gear and accessories, in the end you have to have your basic physical fitness in check to say you are truly pursuing a "complete package" of self-defense/personal protection. This is not to say you have to be some CrossFit specimen to be in this class - as with all MDFI classes, it is an "ego-free zone" where we all support each others' development. So as long as you have the prerequisites and can apply the 4 Firearm Life Rules of Responsible Gun Handling, come as you are and leave knowing what you need to work on.
It's a awesome day of rolling around and gettin' dirty.
Your gear setup will be tested (you'll get to see just how secure your carry holster is for sure!), and you'll likely walk away with notes on how to better optimize things for your everyday carry.
Reloading and malfunction-clearing are entirely different animals when your on the ground. Helluva lot of fun!!

Handgun Cover and Movement. Because if the poop hits the oscilatting device you won't be standing in a square room in perfect conditions shooting slow in a standing position. And most likely the reason you've drawn your blaster is because there is a lethal threat.

I spent many hours yesterday getting up and down off the ground, squating, spinning around in the dirt on my back, sides and belly, rolling on my belly to shoot, dropping to one side or the other on a threat command.

Was it fun? Lots of fun! Was it physically demanding? Yes. If you want to get the most out of what the class is about, you will be pushing your fitness level. But if you are ever experiencing the worst day of your life it will be more demanding than a class. So dont shy away from this class! Instead, prepare for it best you can.

My biggest Gold Nugget: The last 2 two workshops of this class is as close as you can probably get to the stress your body will feel in a life or death firearm based senerio. Your tired, you're having to think, manipulate your blaster, reload and use your cover.

The only way to get more real would be a shoot house and/or Force on Force, which for me is 2020.

Last thought: I am so glad I retook Foundation Handgun 2 weeks prior. I may have been struggling with many basics had I not revisited them.

I will be taking HGCM again. I personally feel someone would do themselves a disservice blasting through the curriculum to get a Black Card. Why? So many things over lap. You can go back and apply new skills to old problems.

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