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Our Goal Is To Help Prepare You For Every Day Life.

MDFI bases all of its training around the “Whole Person Concept” – essentially focusing on the traits that compose a responsible citizen. The goal of MDFI is to establish and build on a solid defensive foundation in the areas of firearms, less lethal tools, medical skills and other associated disciplines. Catering to the beginner and the experienced defensive student alike, MDFI staff work to ensure that all participants walk away with the benefits of professional training, evaluation and feedback.

Available Courses

Available Courses

We offer everything from basic handgun and rifle to advanced shoot house courses. See what fits you.
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Training Locations

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MDFI Alumni

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  • Thanks again for a great class this weekend. My girlfriend and I really enjoyed it, and learned a lot. Your attitude and sense of humor was a breath of fresh air for me as a vet (and former industry member) that is burned out on all the tactical peacocking. You balance professionalism and credibility, with a geniuine realness and humor incredibly well. You and your cadre really made my girlfriend feel special, and like you wanted to help her learn, and even laugh. She is really sensitive to egos and self centered people, and had it been another class where that is the norm, her growth in this discipline would have stopped yesterday.
    Sean C.
  • Had a great time at classes this weekend.  Thank you.  It was awesome.  Your team had a lot of patience with me!  Looking forward to using the skills from this weekend to practice and improve.
    Darleen K.
  • Thank you for such a wonderful class this past weekend. I wasn’t sure what to expect and it definitely exceeded my expectations. I’m a big proponent of learning as much as you can to be prepared in all situations and I left that class with a wealth of knowledge. I had no idea I had so many less than lethal options available to me.
    Kelly O.
  • As always I really enjoyed the classes this weekend. The skills I learned as a brand new shooter over two years ago in your first classes down here have allowed me to go and seek out other training where the habits and practices learned have been proven to allow me to train and succeed in safe manner no matter the course. Your ability to teach and make me think critically in foundation level courses continues to be well worth my time and money.
    Clint W.
  • I was lucky enough to attend the MDFI class called "You suck it's not the gun”. I don't think we had anyone in our class that didn't have a marked improvement.
    I would highly recommed this class for all shooters, new and experenced, as it does not matter how long you have been shooting, it is ALWAYS a good idea to spend time on fundamentals. Trek does a great job explaining everything, and keeps the class light and fun, and ego free. You're there to learn, not to try to show up your neighbor.
    Josh H.
  • I've been shooting for years, and considered myself competent in my manipulation of my guns. I have learned over the 5 MDFI classes I've taken, that I could pull a trigger, but had a lot to learn, and still do. But from ysintg to long gun cover and movement, I've become a more competent and responsible gun owner. And a more responsibly armed American. Thanks again, and can't wait for next year!
    Barry M.
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