Our staff is dedicated to helping ensure the safety and security of our students by providing sound, proven defensive instruction in a safe, fun, and educational environment so students can grow as responsibly-armed citizens.

What Does 'Training For Everyday Life' Mean?
This isn't "tactical training". Everyone loves to use (overuse) the word, 'tactical.' Life is nothing but tactics (choices). Our day-to-day life is filled with choices from one situation to the next. Making choices based on bad information and an incomplete skill-set is not a good idea no matter what buzzword you put before it. We train for everyday scenarios throughout everyday life.

MDFI bases all of its training around the “Whole Person Concept, " essentially focusing on all the traits that compose a responsible citizen. The goal of MDFI is to establish and build on a solid defensive foundation in the areas of firearms, less lethal tools, medical skills and other associated disciplines.

At MDFI, we work to give you the information, tools, and training that will help you make the right choice when you need it the most. We welcome all Americans, regardless of what they do and where they are from. If you are looking to learn more on being a responsibly-armed citizen, you have come to the right place.
About MDFI
Michigan Defensive Firearms Institute (MDFI) is a Michigan-based training company that has been providing real-world firearms training to military, law enforcement, and responsible citizens since 2007.

Catering to the beginner and the experienced student alike, MDFI works to ensure that all participants walk away with the benefits of professional training, evaluation and feedback.

About Our Classes
Safe – MDFI has the highest firearms handling standards of any school in the world. You can be assured that all classes start with in-depth safety/control briefings to make sure we can have the safest time training as possible.

Fun – We want our students to have as much fun at class as we enjoy teaching them. You can expect a team environment of friends who enjoy training together.

Educational – Our team is made up of professional educators who are dedicated to the skill development of their students. Our courses are constantly evolving to give our Alumni the best knowledge and training possible.

Ego Free – We all started on our path somewhere. Come to an MDFI class knowing that all skill-sets are welcome and that a lack of knowledge or experience will never get you treated poorly. If you are concerned that MDFI classes are like “basic training” – rest easy as they are the farthest from it.
About Our Staff
Our team is dedicated to helping ensure the safety and security of the citizens of Michigan and surrounding states by providing sound, proven defensive instruction in a fun, educational and safe environment so students can grow as responsibly-armed citizens.

Our Cadre is comprised of certified LE/Mil/Civilian Instructors and Educators. Our staff is continually updating their own training to bring you the most current proven techniques available.

Learn More About The Cadre >

  • I have attended several of MDFI's course and interacted with several of their instructors. Not enough can be said about the amount of respect I have for this company. The skills that are taught are done in a understandable and safe manner, the cadre are awesome and knowledgeable, and the classes offer more information and learning than anywhere else I have trained.
  • Took the YSINTG class. I was completely blown away with the quality of the content for the class and the incredible instructors. The cadre are great and they create a learning environment right from the start all about safety and learning. I can honestly say it was the best pistol/firearm training I have had. A few days after the class I was able to get to the range. Applied everything I learned and could not believe the improvement in shooting. Money and time well spent and plan to take more classes through MDFI.
  • Awesome class! You Suck! It's Not the Gun has something for shooters of any proficiency level. I have taken this class every year starting in 2017 and each time I see improvement. When I take it in 2020 I will most likely run it strong hand only!!! Instructor engagement is 100% class moves slow enough for one on one attention if needed. Safety briefing is the best in the industry. No question this is a must take class!
  • Thanks again for a great class this weekend. We really enjoyed it, and learned a lot. Your attitude and sense of humor was a breath of fresh air for me as a vet (and former industry member) that is burned out on all the tactical peacocking. You balance professionalism and credibility, with a geniuine realness and humor incredibly well. You and your cadre really made my girlfriend feel special, like you wanted to help her learn, and even laugh.
    Sean C.
  • Had a great time at classes this weekend.  Thank you.  It was awesome.  Your team had a lot of patience with me!  Looking forward to using the skills from this weekend to practice and improve.
    Darleen K.
  • Thank you for such a wonderful class this past weekend. I wasn’t sure what to expect and it definitely exceeded my expectations. I’m a big proponent of learning as much as you can to be prepared in all situations and I left that class with a wealth of knowledge. I had no idea I had so many less than lethal options available to me.
    Kelly O.
  • As always I really enjoyed the classes this weekend. The skills I learned as a brand new shooter over two years ago in your first classes down here have allowed me to go and seek out other training where the habits and practices learned have been proven to allow me to train and succeed in safe manner no matter the course. Your ability to teach and make me think critically in foundation level courses continues to be well worth my time and money.
    Clint W.
  • I was lucky enough to attend the MDFI class called "You suck it's not the gun”. I don't think we had anyone in our class that didn't have a marked improvement.
    I would highly recommed this class for all shooters, new and experenced, as it does not matter how long you have been shooting, it is ALWAYS a good idea to spend time on fundamentals. Trek does a great job explaining everything, and keeps the class light and fun, and ego free. You're there to learn, not to try to show up your neighbor.
    Josh H.
  • I've been shooting for years, and considered myself competent in my manipulation of my guns. I have learned over the 5 MDFI classes I've taken, that I could pull a trigger, but had a lot to learn, and still do. But from ysintg to long gun cover and movement, I've become a more competent and responsible gun owner. And a more responsibly armed American. Thanks again, and can't wait for next year!
    Barry M.

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