We would like to introduce the MDFI RDO Handgun Zero Targets.

These targets are the work of MDFI Instructor Thomas who wanted a way to make a sight-in session as easy and painless as possible. He did the math, and we all get to enjoy his work.

We are not aware of any other RDO sight-in target like this currently in use and as such, we want to get it out to everyone to use at their leisure for the whopping cost of $FREE.99

Like all of the MDFI Targets, these are available for download under Student Resources > Targets.

The target options are for 10 yd and 25 yd zero distances, they include the ‘click’ values for the distance you are sighting in at, and there is a built in way to make sure that the target was printed to scale. The circles on the target also represent the 9 and 10 ring on a B-8 Target.

PLEASE use them, share them all over the place, and let us know how you like them. Thanks!

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