Sign Up / Create Alumni Account

To register for an Alumni account on the MDFI website, you must be an MDFI Alumni (meaning that you have taken an MDFI class since 2013). You can register your account here. Fill out the quick form and as soon as one of our admins approves your alumni status, you’ll receive an email that you can now login and access all the features.

Forgot My Password

If you cannot remember your password to login, select “Forgot My Password” underneath the login box. Type in your email address and you will receive an email with a reset link in a couple moments.

Change Account Settings
(Password, Profile Privacy, Notifications, Delete Account)

If you would like to update any of your account settings, login and click ‘Edit Your Account’ on the right sidebar. Then on the left sidebar you have the options to update your settings.

CHANGE PASSWORD | If you would like to change your password, select Change Password.

PROFILE PRIVACY | Alumni Central is NOT available for the public to see. Only verified MDFI Alumni with an account can see all things in Alumni Central.

NOTIFICATIONS | These are notifications that you receive via the email address attached to your account.

WEB NOTIFICATIONS | These notifications show up when you are looking at the MDFI website, in the bottom right corner.

CHANGE PROFILE PICTURE | You may change your profile picture (the MDFI logo is the default). To do so, click View my Profile underneath your profile picture. Then click the gear icon towards the right side, and select Edit Profile.

Make A Post / Tag Someone in the Discussion or Swag Swap

The Alumni Central community discussion is a private group where MDFI Alumni can gather for candid discussion and debate on relevant to MDFI courses, self preservation, current events, etc. BEFORE YOU POST, YOU MUST READ AND UNDERSTAND THE GROUP RULES (which can viewed on the sidebar of the community discussion page). We reserve the right to boot anyone at anytime for violation of these rules (and note: when you are booted, you lose your Alumni Discount for classes).

The Swag Swap group (which you can also find on the very top navigation bar or on the right sidebar on Alumni Central homepage) is available to post items for sale or if you’re looking to buy. Please include a description, and best way to contact you if you don’t always check Alumni Central. (Note: if you post an email address or phone number, please know that this group is PRIVATE to MDFI Alumni only).

At the top of the community discussion is a box to type your post. You may select one image to include with your post if you wish. If you would like to tag an alumni member in your post you can do so by typing the @ symbol followed by their first name, then a dropdown should appear where you can select their name. Example: @allisonplatt (this will only work if that Alumni member has an account on Alumni Central). If that member has their notifications turned on, they will receive an email saying a fellow member tagged them in a post (hence they are more likely to see it). Same goes for Swag Swap.

How To Get Your Alumni Discount on A Class

MDFI Alumni receive a discount on all MDFI classes. This discount does not apply to hosted classes (such as Dark Angel, Greenside, Centrifuge, etc. unless specifically offered by those companies in which case it would be noted at registration).

To receive your discount, simply login to Alumni Central and when you go to register for any class you’ll see an option for either Alumni Deposit or Alumni Discount. This ticket type will automatically include your discount. Note: If you pay a deposit at registration, you will receive your alumni discount when you pay the remainder at class.

Receive Emails When MDFI Makes A News Annoucement

If you don’t regularly check Alumni Central but are interested in staying in touch with new announcements, sponsors, events, etc. you may sign up for email notifications on the Alumni Central Homepage. At the top of the page is a box you can type in your email address to register, and then you should receive an email shortly after to confirm your email address. (Note: this is separate from our public newsletter we send out, and you may unsubscribe at any time). You can view the recent news underneath the email registration form on the Alumni Central homepage. These are the stories you’d receive via email if you register.

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