MDFI is pleased to be offering Michigan CPL Certification Courses through our associates at
Caledonia Firearms Training (CFT, LLC).


There is nothing more critical in becoming a responsibly armed citizen than building a solid foundation of firearms safety and use of force understanding. With our CPL associates and affiliates, MDFI is dedicated to ensuring that the citizens of Michigan receive the best start when it comes to carrying a firearm. The Caledonia Firearms Training team teaches a program recognized by the State of Michigan to give students their certification for receiving a Michigan concealed pistol license.

$175  |  Pre-Qualification Session ($100 value) + CPL Certification Course + Range Fees
               This option is required for most people.

$163 |  CPL Certification Course + Range Fees
               Pre-Qualification Course is waived if you have one of the following:
                            – DD-214 with pistol qualification
                            – NRA basic pistol
                            – Winchester/NRA Marksman program (pistol)

$50 |  CPL Renewal (Legal Refresher)
              Current CPL holders can take the legal portion of the class as a refresher prior to their renewal application.


Rest easy. The required pre-qualification session is a 60 – 90 min. session where the student gets to work hands on with an instructor (either one-to-one or one-to-two) to make sure that they are ready for the full day of CPL Certification Course training ahead.

This session is a requirement of the NRA’s Personal Protection Inside the Home class which we teach to meet the Michigan CPL requirements. If the following other certifications have be attained, this requirement may be waived (DD-214 with pistol qualification, NRA basic pistol, Winchester/NRA Marksman program – pistol) .

This short semi-private session ($100 value) is held on the range so that the student can learn the skills of safety, gun handling and shooting with the goal of proving confidence and competence prior to the CPL Certification Course. If you do not have a firearm to use at either the Pre-Qualification Session or CPL Certificaiton Course, we can provide both firearms and ammunition for a fee. See requirements below for more information.

The safety of all involved is paramount.  When you attend the full CPL Certification Course on class day, you will have the peace of mind knowing that every student has demonstrated the correct skills and attitude for safe gun use.


  • Handgun + 100 Rounds of Ammunition
    If you do not have a firearm to use at either the pre-qualification course or CPL course, we can provide both firearms and ammunition for a fee. Send us an email at Caledonia Firearms Training for more information.
  • Eye + Ear Protection


  • MUST KNOW, UNDERSTAND AND APPLY THE FOUR FIREARM LIFE-SAFETY RULES AT ALL TIMES. We will cover this in class, but please see video >>
  • Note Taking Materials
  • Snacks + Drink for 8 Hour Class



CPL Courses

If you are looking for a course outside of Grand Rapids,
visit our CPL Affiliates to find a company in your area.

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Pre-Qualification Dates

 Once you are signed up for a CPL Certification Course,
you have the option to select the date and time
(prior to your CPL Course date) that works for you. Please email 
Caledonia Firearms Training to schedule your pre-qualification session.

MAR 11 | Saturday
MAR 12 | Sunday
APR 22 | Saturday
APR 23 | Sunday
JUL 15 | Saturday
JUL 16 | Sunday
SEP 16 | Saturday
AUG 26 | Saturday
AUG 27 | Sunday
OCT 28 | Saturday
OCT 29 | Sunday