Ammo for 2021 MDFI Classes

We know sourcing ammo has been a difficult task as of lately and we are excited to announce that in partnership with Fenix Ammunition, we are now offering ammo for purchase to new student registrations!

This is designed to make sure that students are still able to train during the current ammo situation. Both MDFI and Fenix Ammo believe in the importance of training your defensive skills – and we cannot thank Fenix Ammo enough for offering this opportunity to our students.

How It Works

  • Each student can purchase a bag of 9mm or .223 ammunition depending on the class type (see table below). Each bag will have the needed quantities for the class (plus a little extra).
  • Only one bag per student / per class.
  • Ammo will only be delivered to the class you are registered for (it cannot be shipped).
  • Ammo is IN STOCK. Once you order it, your name goes on it and it will be waiting for you at class.
  • Once you register for a class, you will see a link in your email confirmation directing you to where you can shop and purchase the ammo (you must order at least a week prior to your class date).

You Suck! It’s Not the Gun!®150 Round Bag
9mm FMJ 115 grain
Carbine Basics100 Round Bag
.223 FMJ 55 grain
Foundation Handgun
Low Light Handgun
Handgun Cover + Movement
When Things Go Bad
The Dot Life
You STILL Suck! It’s Not the Gun!
500 Round Bag
9mm FMJ 115 grain
Foundation Carbine
Low Light Long Gun
Long Gun Cover + Movement
500 Round Bag
.223 FMJ 55 grain

FAQ’s About the Program:

When does this program start?
TODAY! Any student who registers for a 2021 class on/after April 1, 2021 are eligible to buy a bag of ammo – so get your training on!

I’m already registered for a 2021 MDFI class, can I purchase ammo through this program?
Unfortunately, this is currently only available for new registrations. As inventory grows we will work to make this retroactive.

Can I have the ammo sent to my house?
Ammo will only be brought to the class you are registered for.

Can I purchase one bag of 9mm and one bag of .223?
Students are eligible to purchase only one bag of ammo per class they sign up for. If you are taking two classes with us, you can buy two bags.

Is the ammo backordered?
No – if you are able to purchase it on our website, it is in stock and we guarantee it will be waiting for you at class (as long as you order at least a week prior to your class).

Do you have any other calibers?
Sorry, only 115gr 9mm FMJ and 55gr .223 FMJ are available.

Can I purchase ammo at class?
Negative. All ammo must be purchased online at least a week from class start to ensure it is waiting for you at class.

I ordered ammo for class and now I can’t make it to that class – now what?
This ammo is intended to be used for the class you registered for. As such:

  • If you can’t make it to class and let us know ahead of time, your ammo can be transferred to a future class as long as it’s the same discipline (ex: handgun class to handgun class or rifle class to rifle class). As for transferring classes, please read our MDFI Class Policies here.
  • If you no call/no show to class without advance notice, your ammo is forfeit.
  • If you cancel your registration to class and don’t transfer to another class, the ammo is forfeit.

What happens if the class I was registered for is cancelled and I purchased ammo for it?
If for any reason MDFI needs to cancel the class, we will email you regarding your ammo order and options available (either transfer to another class or we will offer a full refund).


  1. Dave Vaughn Dave Vaughn says:

    Hopefully they can build up some inventory to hook up those of us who enrolled well before this program was started. I know i could use some ammo for The Dot Life later this month!

  2. Thomas White Thomas White says:

    This is seriously amazing. I was already buying all my ammo from Justin and Co.

    This just wants me to double down on that.

  3. Chris Holzer Chris Holzer says:

    Great program idea! Credit to MDFI and Fenix for coming up with this class ammo program.

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